Welcome to Flashbox Photo Booth! We are here to provide the best possible open air photo booth rental to you and your guests. With our fun, modern, and easy to use booth, we're sure that it will take your event to the next level. Booking is fast, easy, and can all be done online for your convenience. All the photos seen throughout our site were taken with our booth so you can get a sense of the quality we provide at each and every party.

Flashbox is the latest technology in portable photo booth systems. From its sleek, open concept design to its professional studio lighting, Flashbox will fit right in to any event without looking clunky and old like traditional booths. Instant prints, high-quality photos, and hours of fun are just a few things that we offer with every event. With our numerous customizable options available we will go above and beyond to make Flashbox Photo Booth an extension of your event and an unforgettable experience. 

Check out Our Booth, visit our Pricing Page to build your own package, and feel free to Contact Us, with any questions or to secure your date. We look forward to hearing from you!


oh the places we'll go

(to get to your party)

oh the places we'll go

(to get to your party)

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Based in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, we'll travel all across Colorado and beyond to be a part of your event.


Flashbox Photo Booth Wall of Fame

Flashbox Photo Booth Wall of Fame

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Flashbox Photo Booth Rentals For Those Special Events

Does hring a picture booth for your event sound like a winning combination to you? If not, you're likely picturing those big huge booths that you step inside behind the curtain to get your picture taken. Yeah, that's a little old school. While they have made upgrades to these types of photo booths that make them fun as well, there is a whole new line of units available.

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    Flashbox photgraphers for hire aren't big and bulky. In fact, they allow you and your friends to stay out in the open, yet the utilize the best in technology. You're talking professional studio lighting and the best photos. Compare some of the examples to what you would get from a traditional photobooth. What's more is you're able to build a package regarding the event.

    These modern machines wouldn't even be called 'booths' if it weren't for the popularity of that branded keyword phrase. People love to rent photo booths to provide extra entertainment, especially when they want people to let loose a little in such a formal setting, such as at a wedding. Of course, photo booths for hire are great for all kinds of events, including birthday parties and more.

    Flashbox for rent are available in many major cities across the states of Colorado and Arizona. You might be stunned when you see that the equipment is quite slim and looks more like a photographer's studio camera for photos. The equipment is also very easy to use, and it includes a touchscreen for selecting imaging options. You can choose to do black and white photos instead of color photos if you like.

    Of course, you're going to want to ask the company that rents to you about props, and you might also want to include some of your own. The props are sometimes going to be what gets people moving on taking pictures. It should also be mentioned that while these rentals look more modern and not like the traditional box type booths, they are going to require that you still make some space available, specifically and 8 foot by 10 foot space.

    Are you planning on having the booth set up outside? You might be wondering if that's even possible, and it is, yet with some restrictions. You are going to be the person that provides power to the imaging. So, you're going to need to have it set up close to a power outlet, or you can run an extension cord or use a generator. It's up to you, but if you don't have a long extension cor or a generator, this is going to limit where the box can be set up outside.


    Holidays are of course a great time for image booth rentals, and you shouldn't have to worry about availability. Of course, this is a booking that you want to do as early as possible so that everything is ready to go. It was mentioned that the Flashbox business provides to customers in select major cities across Arizona and Colorado. However, they are willing to travel anywhere in those two states for parties, yet there is a fee for the extra travel.

    You can expect high quality photos, which is what you want with a pic booth rental. Don't rent the dinosaur machines from another company when you have these as a better option. You can view examples of photos online, and you can ask all the questions you need to when you call Flashbox photography about making a reservation in Phoenix Arizona. Tom Johnston.

    If your picture is crazy enough it may just wind up on the Flashbox Photo Booth Wall of Fame (or shame). This is an honorary sample of the fun that Flashbox Photo Booth provides.

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